Nagauta Shamisen Master, Yojiro Kashiwa III.

2003 : first shamisen performance in the Kabuki dance “Renjishi" by Danjruo Ichikawa XII, and Shoroku Onoe IV under the stage name of Seichi Kashiwa
2004 : the Association Kashiwa-ryu allowed him to use the name of "Kashiwa"
2004 : performed with Ebizo Ichikawa XI in “Kanjincho" Kabukiza
2004 : performed in Paris (France) and Korea
until 2005 : performed abroad in 3 plays
2003-2013 : changed from being a performer to a freelance nagauta shamisen master
2014-2019 : appeared on TV Asahi “Untitled Concert”, and in the media on the NHK FM Japanese music program, NHK E-Tele Kabuki program and other Japanese programs
2015 : joined the Onoe Kikugoro Theatrical Company Music Group as a nagauta shamisen master for kabuki.
2016 : first appearance as lead shamisen for kabuki musicians “Kuromisu-no-Butaishi" on the Narukami tour with the Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan. This tour also included his first rendition of O-zatsuma at the end of the kabuki play
2017 : first appearance as lead shamisen in “Boshibori" with the “Shinshun Asakusa Kabuki“(new year)
2020 : first appearance as lead shamisen in “Boshibori" with the “Hachigatsu-Hanagata Kabuki"